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Prostitution Became Escorting! Is it True?
08 Apr 2020

Today, calling the escorting business prostitution is unacceptable and a taboo in several modern cities of the world, including London. Many people are under the misconception that an escort is nothing, but a polished and refined term for a prostitute. This is far from the truth as escorts are women who have earned their well-deserved respect through their services. So we would like to ask you when did prostitution become escorting.

You will never find an escort hawking the streets of London to find customers. In fact, you need to make a prior booking and get an appointment with them to hire them. They offer specialized services called “VIP escort service London” based on their line of expertise and demand from clients. Also, escorts go into this field of their own free will and are not trafficked or forced into it.

There are several benefits of hiring an escort compared to prostitutes.

The mindset of men

Several men are usually under the impression that any woman who sells her body is like trailer trash and can be bought for money. This is such false thinking and escorts are pricey and also they do not oblige anybody or anyone. They are as discreet as you and work out of their own free will. They like to be respected and treated like any other professional. Men who respect their feelings get to hire the best escorts in London. Hiring an escort does not mean that you do it only for sex. Several men have other reasons like companionship or a partner to go with for a social gathering and an outing as well. Escorts fit into every reason that you have to hire them and can also fulfill the needs, unlike prostitutes who work only for money. Sex is often part of the package.

Escorts are intelligent and sensual

Women who work as escorts are intelligent and smart. Most of them are well-educated and college graduates. They choose the profession for their own personal reasons and out of their own will. Unlike prostitutes, you can never force an escort to be with you. She has to be willing first to oblige to your fancies. These sexy, suave, sophisticated intelligent women come at a heavy price tag, but they are worth every single penny that you spend.

Usually, VIPs and celebrities are the most likely people to hire an escort, but this is changing fast in London. Even normal people and executives and visitors to London are hiring escorts to spend time with them. Escorting is not just about sex. Rather, it is about companionship. Escorting today is a popular profession among many women because there is a demand for smart and sensual women.

Multiple talents of escorts

A lot of escorts have multiple talents and it is not the sex alone. They can please you in bed, offer great companionship and friendship, and have intellectual conversations with you. Moreover, many of them are good with additional talents like massages and socializing. Not all women who work in the sex industry are capable of doing what the escorts can do. The best service that they offer is discretion and confidentiality, as they like to keep things private. Moreover, escorts are very sexy and beautiful and look like models out of a fashion magazine. Every man’s dream is to date a gorgeous woman and has her on his side. This dream can come true by hiring an escort because they are drop-dead gorgeous. The agencies that hire them to ensure that they fit into the profile in every single way including beauty and vital statistics.

Hiring escorts is safer

Sex should not be the priority while hiring a woman to spend time with. Sex can be bought for money if you would like to employ anyone off the street. However, hiring an escort is a safer bet because the agencies that hire them to ensure that they are healthy and fit for the escorting business. For these agencies, clients mean the most because their business keeps running when you hire their escorts. Even for you, hiring an escort is a safer bet because you know that they do not carry sexual diseases. Also, your private life will be confidential and the information you share is secure.

Hiring escorts is classy

If you believe in class and are not crass then hiring an escort makes more sense. Women who work as escorts are a class apart because of their etiquettes, mannerisms, and social behavior. So why would any man want to settle for less? Besides the point, with an escort by your side, you will never invite the wrath of the prying eyes of society. They are so well mannered and well behaved that nobody would even think that you have hired her services.

Varied choices

London offers a wide variety of choices in terms of escorts. Women from different racial backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnicity work as escorts in the city and you have the freedom to take your pick. Some men prefer Asians, some like western women, and some from the Far East. There are a plethora of choices available out there and you do not have to settle down with a roadside deal if you know what we mean.

Moreover, you have the liberty of choosing a woman of your choice by looking at their pictures, reading about them, and most of all you are in a position to make an informed decision. The ball is always in your court while hiring an escort.


No matter how you choose to look at the escorting profession it cannot be remotely compared to prostitution. As mentioned before, sex is only a part of the deal and everything that comes along with their services is fantabulous. You need to know the difference between these professions and then decide on making a better choice.

If you are looking for escort agencies, London has no dearth of them. There are plenty of agencies across the city and you can select one that you like. The bottom line about escorts is that some women do it out of their choice, some for their needs, and some because they fancy it. No matter what they do it for, all these women are classy, sophisticated, and love what they do.